Pigment Red 122


Pigment Red 122

  • C.I. NO. : 73915
  • CAS NO. : 980-26-7
  • EU NO. : 213-561-3
  • Molecular Formula : C22H16N2O2
  • Chemical Group : Quinacridone

Get the Best Pigment Red 122 at Affordable Prices

Hangzhou Origo Chemical Co., Ltd is genuine manufacturers and suppliers of high performance organic pigment red 122 available at the lowest price in China. Pigment red 122 is widely used for a number of coating applications primarily for premium matt finish paints and for metallic finishes. It is also a common choice used as automobile paints and finishing. It is also available in transparent variant that is broadly used for mixing with molybdate orange that results in significantly light and weather fast used as finisher. Pigment red 122 is widely used in combination with pigment 19 applicable for many architectural paints and in the manufacturing of powder coatings.

At Origo Chemical Co., Ltd we use state of the art machines that enables all of our organic pigments to perform at their very best for all applications. We have highest quality controlling and safety standards that makes us a leading suppliers and manufacturers of pigments all over the world. Our offered pigments can be best used with PVC films and for the coating of PUR.


Common Applications of Red Pigment 122

At Hangzhou Origo Chemical Co., Ltd we specially formulated our new and improved pigment red 122 that bring promising outcomes when applied for automotive, agricultural tools, industrial finishes, paints and other demanding applications.  Our featured pigment is recognized due to its outstanding heat stability making it an ideal pick for use in polystyrene and polycarbonate plastics.


Physical Data and Fastness Properties
  • Moisture (%) :≤1.0
  • Water Soluble Matter (%) :1.5
  • Oil absorption ml/100g :40-50
  • Electric Conductivity (us/cm) :≤500
  • Fineness (80mesh) % :≤5.0
  • PH Value :7.0-8.0
  • Acid Resistance :5
  • Alkali Resistance :5
  • Alcohol Resistance :5
  • Ester Resistance :5
  • Benzene Resistance :5
  • Ketone Resistance :5
  • Soap Resistance :5
  • Bleeding Resistance :5
  • Migration Resistance :-
  • Heat Resistance (℃) :300
  • Light Fastness (8=excellent) :8

1. Coatings: primarily used for high grade paints and metallic finishes, including automotive finishes and re-finishes. The transparent version widely used for combining with Molybdate Orange achieved particularly light and weather fast in finishes. Also widely combing with Pigment Violet 19 used for architectural paints; It also used well in powder coatings.
2.Plastics: used for PVC films, PVC or PUR coatings, spin dyeing, PS, ABS and PC etc. The attractive is the combining with Pigment Violet 19 to achieve better effects.
3. Inks: it’s fastness to sterilization and calendering made it a excellent pigment used for high grade printing inks, decorative printing inks for laminated plastic sheets etc.

Available Commercial Specific Grades:

Fast Pink E, universal grade used for inks, plastics and coatings.

Fast Pink ES, low viscosity and high flow properties used for inks.

or the details grades, specialized requirements, please send us emails.

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