Organic Pigments

Premium Quality Yellow Pigment

Origo chemical is the voice of the color pigment industry producing highest quality yellow pigment in various shades available at the best price. We stand out in the market as all of our grades are not universal, rather we believe in manufacturing yellow pigments that are especially designed to cater divers customer requirements. With years of experience and professional technicians we have the right understanding that helps us to blend chemicals to offers enhanced customer satisfaction. Origo chemical is always here to help your business grow with vibrant colors. We are one of the largest suppliers of yellow pigment across China and to international markets. With our latest technology driven productions and manufacturing facility we allow our valuable customers to buy our range of pigment at lowest price with guaranteed high quality and superior results. We distinguished with our wide range of yellow pigment allowing you to choose the finest and the most appropriate for your specific need. We assure top-quality and consistency to delivery our pigment on time.

Supplying Tons of Pigments Every Year

We are a massive production facility that produces more than 1,000 tons of yellow and other pigment a year for our customers across the globe. Each of our pigment production phase goes through multiple processes that promotes most authentic and genuine quality. Our featured pigment are a type of composite pigments that is the combination of a number of top quality pigments and dispersion ingredients. It can be used with different types of oil paints.

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