Pigment Yellow 83


Pigment Yellow 83

  • C.I. NO : 21108
  • CAS NO. : 5567-15-7
  • EU NO. : 226-939-8
  • Molecular Formula : C36H32CI4N6O8
  • Chemical Group : Diarylide


Best Priced Pigment Yellow 83 in China


Hangzhou Origo Chemical Co., Ltd is a genuine supplier & manufacturers of Pigment yellow 83 available at huge discount.  This pigment affords reddish yellow properties with incredible fastness characteristics. This pigment is an organic compound that is commonly regarded as diarylide pigment that is widely used as a yellow colorant. This pigment is used for the manufacturing of coatings, inks and plastics. We use excellent and top of the line raw material for the manufacturing of our organic pigments to ensure highest quality standards and the best price.  Origo Chemical Co., Ltd have years of experience and expertise to formulate the perfect chemical balance to cater all modern applications. Pigment yellow 83 is used in vast quantities in a number of manufacturing industries for the production of paints, dyes, automobile paints many other.

Physical Data and Fastness Properties
  • Moisture (%) :≤1.5
  • Water Soluble Matter (%) :≤1.0
  • Oil Absorption (ml/100g) :35-45
  • Electric Conductivity (us/cm) :≤500
  • Fineness (80mesh) % :≤5.0
  • PH Value :6.5-7.5
  • Acid Resistance :5
  • Alkali Resistance :5
  • Alcohol Resistance :5
  • Ester Resistance :5
  • Benzene Resistance :5
  • Ketone Resistance :5
  • Soap Resistance :5
  • Bleeding Resistance :5
  • Migration Resistance :5
  • Heat Resistance (℃) :200
  • Light Fastness (8=excellent) :7

1.Inks: used for all printing methods applications that requires highly transparent;


2. Coatings: the translucent version used for air drying paints as substitute for Chrome Yellows for road marking paints.

3. Plastics: used appreciable in plastics, because of its excellent solvent resistance, migration is no problem in plasticized PVC even at low pigment levels, does not bleed or bloom.

Available Commercial Specific Grades:

Orifast Yellow HR-W, Special designed for Waterbased Inks, and also can be use for NC ink.

Orifast Yellow HR-S, Specialized for NC Inks, can be use for Waterbased Inks.

Orifast Yellow HR, common grade application

Orifast Yellow HR02, Transparent grade,  Specialized design for plastics, super fastness by airflow mills, heat resistance up to 240℃. Also can be use for waterbased coatings.

Orifast Yellow HR70, Opaque, major for industrial paints and powder coatings.

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