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Mission or Principle

To provide Organic pigments of the best quality, a business to inspire you. Origo chemicals is a company that strictly forbids selling poor quality color pigments. With our commercial ethics we maintain a high quality standard. Responsibility, sincerity and integrity are our core values. We want to warmly welcome anyone who wants to partner and work with us. Origo Chemical  hopes to be your trusted chemical partner in China. Our aim is to create more valuable business for both parties and form long term business relationships.


Maintaining consistent quality of the organic pigments and solvent dyes is our top priority. We have invested a lot of funds towards the necessary equipment for quality control and continue to do so as newer technology is made available. We make sure to only hire experienced technicians and staff that have a deep understanding of what goes into manufacturing quality products.

Before producing the products the customer has ordered, we send out a sample to ensure that our customers are satisfied with its quality. After we’ve had their confirmation and go ahead, we make sure the rest of the order is manufactured to the same standard.


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Products We Offer


Organic Pigments

Origo features a huge variety of REACH registered classic organic and high performance pigments in various colors including red pigments. These are commonly used in coatings, inks and plastics. A range of shades and colors pigements such as red, blue, yellow, violet etc., and other specifications.


Solvent Dyes

One of the many dye colorants Origo offers. Solvent dyes are quite popular for the engineering of plastic and spin dyeing. They are used to color organic solvents, waxes, lubricants and other hydrocarbon-based nonpolar material. An extremely versatile finishing tool for your projects.


Optical Brighteners

Fluorescent brightening and whitening agents, produced with the utmost investment to ensure quality. Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals most commonly used to make plastics, paper and products, and other industrial products as well. Our brighteners will help you keep your white goods stay bright.

Industries We Serve


Recently, coatings have been playing an most important role in


Plastic is a rapid developing industry. The requirements is shifting


Recent years of inks industry, the classic publication of newspapers,


Origo Chemical offers a series of color pigments, solvent dyes …

Brochures Pigment

Solvent dyes for Plastcs

  • Organic Pigments
  • Plastic Pigments
  • Coatings Pigments
  • Inks Pigments
  • Solvent Dyes

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