Pigment Yellow 138


Pigment Yellow 138

  • C.I. NO. : 56300
  • CAS NO. : 30125-47-4
  • EU NO. : 250-063-5
  • Molecular Formula : C26H6CL8N2O4
  • Chemical Group : Quinophthalone

Pigment Yellow 138

Origo Chem is a leading supplier of the pigment yellow 138. We manufacture our products with the highest standards of quality. Pigment yellow 138 offers a greenish yellow shade of color. It exhibits excellent light, heat and weather fastness. The pigment is a beautiful shade that is popularly used around the world. The pigment yellow 138 can be used to achieve a transparent or opaque version of the color depending on your requirement. Its color strength is good and primarily used for industrial rubber and plastics. This can also be found being used in paints and coatings. The pigment is recommended for a wide range of plastics including, PET, engineering plastics, Polyolefins, PS, PVC, and spin dyeing as well. With plastics, its heat stability is at about 570°F / 299°C. The pigment has a molecular weight of 693.944 g/mol. Hangzhou Origo Chemical Co.,Ltd has some of the best prices for pigments not only in China but also across the world. Our pigments are of unmatchable quality, performance and safety standards.

Physical Data and Fastness Properties
  • Moisture (%) :≤1.5
  • Water Soluble Matter (%) :≤1.0
  • Oil Absorption (ml/100g) :35-45
  • Electric Conductivity (us/cm) :≤500
  • Fineness (80mesh) % :≤5.0
  • PH Value :6.5-7.5
  • Acid Resistance :5
  • Alkali Resistance :5
  • Alcohol Resistance :5
  • Ester Resistance :5
  • Benzene Resistance :5
  • Ketone Resistance :5
  • Soap Resistance :5
  • Bleeding Resistance :5
  • Migration Resistance :5
  • Heat Resistance (℃) :290
  • Light Fastness (8=excellent) :8

1. Coatings: mainly used for high grade industrial finishes, include OEM finishes and re-finishes.

2. Plastics: used for polystyrene, ABS , PU foam and various other plastics.

Available Commercial Specific Grades:

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