Pigment Yellow 12


Pigment Yellow 12

  • Color Index : Pigment Yellow 12
  • C.I. NO. : 21090
  • CAS NO. : 6358-85-6
  • EU NO. : 228-787-8
  • Molecular Formula : C32H26CI2N6O4
  • Chemical Group : Diarylide

Pigment Yellow 12 affords reddish yellow shade, and it’s the largest portion of worldwide pigment production. It exhibit good light fastness and acceptable heat resistance for certain plastics. The particle size effect it’s hue and transparency that achieved variety commercial grades use for printing inks.

Benefits from Origo Chemical:

Large production maintains stable quality and advantage price;
Variety grades designed for different applications and requirements, throughout the requirements from transparency, viscosity, color shades, glossy etc;
Officially REACH registered, and can be widely export to Europe;
Available offer custimized design upon customers requirements from properties.

Physical Data and Fastness Properties
  • Moisture (%) :≤2.0
  • Water Soluble Matter (%) :≤1.5
  • Oil Absorption (ml/100g) :40-50
  • Electric Conductivity (us/cm) :≤500
  • Fineness (80mesh) % :≤5.0
  • PH Value :6.0-7.0
  • Acid Resistance :5
  • Alkali Resistance :5
  • Alcohol Resistance :5
  • Ester Resistance :4
  • Benzene Resistance :4
  • Ketone Resistance :4
  • Soap Resistance :4
  • Bleeding Resistance - :4
  • Migration Resistance :4
  • Heat Resistance (℃) :180
  • Light Fastness (8=excellent) :6

1. For Inks: Variety of Packaging inks, flexographic inks for reasonable price, use for aqueous printing inks provided sufficiently fastness to light.

2. For Coatings: Little interest for coatings;

3. Plastics: Heat resistance can be catch to 200 in Plastics, but a certain tendency to migrate in plastized PVC. That performance enhanced in rigid PVC. Also can be use for polyurethane foam; aromatic polyurethanes.

4. Others: variety of specialty products, like cleaning agents, office articles. But while better light fastness required, it’s replaced Pigment Yellow 1 in lots situation.

Available Commercial Specific Grades:

For more, contact us with your specific applications, we shall offer the best solution for you.

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